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So in the process of drawing I kinda spit out whatever comes to mind, and I had read a little while ago that Vani Butterflublueye was hoping to write another "I'll get you one day" fics. And I loved the first one OMG, so in the hopes of her fic writings, I drew and Incubi Jin

Lovejuice, cause I could think of any other name!

I hope you like it!


btw. more to come

And as a treat for Butterflyvani:
Chibi Jin <---and yes he is pigeon-toed and wearing what are suppose to be chucks
8th-Sep-2008 08:40 pm - Fic art- Cuz I'm a dork! :3
So I've finally cracked and decided to draw something for butterflyblueye cause her fics are awesome! X3

So the first one I started with was Tarzan Jin. It's hilarious and cute, and somewhat smutty. I <3 it
Here's the preview:

Tarzan Jin prview

Another one I hope will inspire a "I'll get you one day" fic, that was fecking awesome! Jin is a sex deprived Incubi who's tired of sexing womens! And boom he finds Kame!
More to cum...I mean! Come...yes~

12th-Feb-2008 07:37 pm - SWEET SIXTEEN!
So let's start off cheesy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! I mean, cough, that's not spoiled at ALL.

I haven't posted in months, so I thought, 'Hey let's write a LJ post since I rarely do!'
And here it is!

Today is my birthday if you haven't noticed and I am 16 now! It's very exciting!!
Awesome things I got for my bday:
1. Legally musical soundtrack
2. An Acoustic guitar that I have named Koki!
3. A hawt new camera, since I haven't had one since 7th grade.
And a bunch of other small stuffs

I share this bday with my little cousin and EMMY, <3

I will be posting more often, so check back soon!
16th-Oct-2007 06:29 pm - I'm not liking myself
It's weird...I've gradually started becoming depressed and I it...
I'm not connecting with any of my friends at school, so I have to put up this really happy bubbly demeanor to throw them off.
And I think I'm starting to get on my crushes nerves...
My ex is too busy to talk to me and he's like my closest guy friend that I can talk to.
and I wish I would just disappear sometimes.

I feel hopeless now...
6th-Oct-2007 09:27 pm - KH2=Love
I beat KH2 like a couple days after I got it and totally left it alone for a good looooong time.
This weekend my little sister came and to occupy her I almost MADE her play it...I mean it's the only real E-10+ game I have.
So she started playing it and got passed the intro part...cool.
She left(sadness) and then I started playing KH2
I have so much more love for that game and it's crack.
I'm not going to spoil anything with the plot but if you've gotten to Atlantica or whatever it's called and got the first song Swim this Way, yeah, it's catchy song and stuff but just WATCHING it is even more fun.
If you don't do anything just watch Sora, he looks so fucking lost and confused. OMG I just love him for that.

I also might be going to Dave & Busters with my crush!! X333 JOY

30th-Sep-2007 07:24 pm - Why I loath the ghetto.
Last night I went to one of my good friend's sweet 16 party. Let me first say it was AWESOME. She's Rican and Latina's throw the best parties. This part was also in a bad part of the Rican ghetto...also it was a five hour long party. Seven to midnight, I stayed and danced almost all five hours. I even got to dance with my crush! *faints* Let me also say he was getting excited...<33 Tee Hee...

Then the last hour these s crash the party, they stole some of my friends cards that had money in it, cameras from her family AND

Went into my bag, stole my house keys, my cell and my friends cell which was all in my bag.
The night sucked after that, I LOATH THE GHETTO.

Hence why I'm moving the the ghetto.
I lost all my numbers so you guys can you email me your numbers so when I get my new phone I can add them. <33

17th-Sep-2007 07:55 pm - I mother fathers
I serious loath my father now. He's caused problems for me in the past, and I mean big problems. Now he comes banging on the door of my house yelling and treating me like a child. I basically told him I didn't want to see him anymore, which is true. I'm only worried about what he might do now.
GOD. I'm soooooo stressed I don't need to deal with this man anymore.
15th-Sep-2007 08:52 pm - It's about time I posted
My first week of school, LONGEST WEEK EVAR.
I d it, but sort of liked it. All my teachers are awesome because I've either already had them as teachers, or already knew them. Let's see:

Chem- Gen Nelson, awesome teacher...who didn't even major in Chemistry. She majored in BIO.
History- Malik Mubashshir. He is cool because he teaches ancient history, and laughs at it.
Algebra- Imad Zahr. AWESOMEST math teacher evar, he talks for about 5 minutes(teaching and review) And then he just lets us work on homework!
Spanish- Rosario Manion. I had her last year for Spanish II, and what's cool about her is that she plays ENGLISH music while we're doing test.
English- Ian Van Wart. Strange name? He's awesome cause he's gay and just loves to poke at Edgar Allen Poe's stories(cause they're confusing!!! @-@)
P.E./S ex ED- I'm switching but I have the awesomest class and teacher. Cathy Palmier. When I came as a guest to the class she made everyone draw their one ideal male and female. GOD it was hilarious. A lot of them were just stick figures with either really BIG peens and , it was hilarious because I drew an ideal female, and everything and one of my friends tried to blur the lower area with curls! It was too funny.

And finally my crush is in two of my classes. SIGH...
So, I just saw Hairspray, and that movie was awesome!!
This just brings out my closet obsession for Broadway musicals....I really wish I could audition for them!
The 50's was my era...GO SEE IT.
I already have the soundtrack, I'm such a loser....Hee hee hee..
*cough* So now I was to audition for a lot of things now, like on the VAA, but I don't have any recording program. Damn you Chris, put Audacity on already!!
Well I'll be back! ^^
25th-Jul-2007 08:33 pm(no subject)
I soooo excited right now!
I post on KAT-TUN Love and I now have the address to send KAT-TUN puppet pals to them!!
They're going to be finger puppets since I'm not allowed to send a big envelope or box.
I'm making fingers puppets of them, and little cellphone keychains/ reg. keychains...!
I'm actually excited to make them.
Well I'll get back to youz!!

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